A Benediction

46xm X 62cm, Hand embroidery and applique on cotton, 2019


Cards available here.

Read the blog post about this piece here.

The golden snub-nosed monkey is a primate living high in the snowy forested mountains of China. They have experienced a 50% population decline in the last 40 years, mainly due to habitat degradation. Their preferred food is lichen, growing in abundance on dead trees, but these are being removed for logging and agriculture. If their habitat continues to be removed, it will face extinction.

3 thoughts on “A Benediction

  1. Coming late to the party. Your work was featured on Joe and Sam weekly newsletter and I am just smitten/crushed/taken in some way by this glorious/tragic piece of work. I know the original is long ago sold and tried to engage to see if I could get a print or card but that website is being worked on. are there any current ways to get a print or card? I didn’t know anything about you till yesterday and i LOVE your work and love your ability to talk about the death or your partner. bless you.

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