Who is Mother Eagle?

Clarence Hudson White, ‘The Watcher’


Mother Eagle was born in 1575. Spawned by a Dryad and sired by the King of the Gypsies, a union between the earth and the forest, man and spirit.

Born on a Thursday, under the Aquila, or Jupiter constellation, she was named ‘Vultur’ (Eagle in Romany). This was thought particularly fortuitous and a powerful omen and, combined with her parentage, led the Gypsies to believe she would be a great protector of nature.

As with all Hamadryads, her mother was a beautiful carefree spirit who lived in the Scottish woodlands, protecting the trees and creatures in her domain. For a Hamadryad her life and soul was integrated firmly into the life and spirit of the Oak tree. Whatever befell the tree would also strike the tree’s Hamadryad. As only a demi-dryad, no tree would fully accept or protect baby Vultur, so her father and gypsy court took her and raised her.

Her father’s father had been granted the Privy Seal from King James IV and had authority over all the Gypsies in Scotland. This title had now passed down to him and the Gypsy family had spread throughout the British Isles and Europe. Raised by the Gypsy King and all the wise women of the clan, Vultur learned all the skills and lore of the old ways. But it became clear very early that she also had many powerful abilities from her mother’s side. This magic gave her great renown and stories of Mother Eagle became famous with travellers the world over.

Whilst her father was alive she journeyed around the world with him and the Gypsy court, and gained many tattoos, symbols of power and magic – a folk lore book made flesh if you will. These tattoos were seen as honours bestowed upon her by her kin.

Now known as ‘Mama Vultur’, when her father dies at the age of 101, the Gypsy elders begged her to take over his crown and ascend to the throne. But she chose not to spend the rest of her centuries ruling over people she loved but would outlive. Her mother being a tree spirit, her true home is of the wild woods. She returned to the ancient forest in Britain.

In the year 1639 and the start of the British Revolution, the trial and murder of so-called witches was rife and it was a time of great unrest. Mother Eagle made her home in a stone cottage, built next to the huge ancient oak tree of her birth. She cast many enchantments and protection spells to conceal the location of her house and it is said that you will never find it in the same spot twice.

Mother Eagle is now 437 years-old but has the Dryad’s long youth and appears no more than 45, with long, wavy, garnet coloured hair, pale skin and kingfisher-blue eyes. Her ancestry grants her a special place of knowing amongst all the woodland folk – spirits and animals alike. Amongst the druids she is seen as a high priestess, a conduit between earth and spirit.

She is a friend of witches, elves, pixies, faeries, imps and all forest folk. She has many animal guides – stag, hare, wolf, fox, birds, beetles, bats and hedgehog. Her great gifts include fortune telling, astromancy, spell casting and hexes, and the ability to speak with the dead.

For gypsies her home is a place of pilgrimage, and she is also known as the Verde Mama in Romanian – the Green Mother. Once every decade she travels to the ruling gypsy court, wherever they are in the world for the Gypsy council, and to pass on her wisdom of plants, magic and things not yet come to pass.

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Copyright Katie Tume 2012. Mother Eagle is a fictional muse created by the artist and any similarity to persons living or dead is pure coincidence. Unfortunately.