Saturday Shop Update

Saturday Shop Update

I’m shoe-horning two posts into one today, as I was so productive last weekend that I have loads of new stuff to show you, work in progress and new jewellery. So here’s a double dose:

Grumpy Toad Brooch, silk miniature embroidery, £39

Mr. Toad, what a grumpy fellow you are.

So I started off finding this too-charming little vintage Toad illustration, the shape of it being perfect for a bit of jewellery. His construction was more challenging than I predicted given the relative simplicity of the drawing. Do I use silk or cotton? I was so proud of my March Hare just using single strand cotton in split stitch that I was tempted to take the same approach. But then I had just the right shade of toady olive green varigated silk too, so I went with that.

I think the design is so sweet I will be doing a version in cotton too anyway. The silk gives a nice display of colour but not easy to control the details.

What is the difference between a toad and a frog anyway? Apparently they are the same species but a different family. Toads walk rather than hop, and they have posion glands behind their eyes.

Maybe the Toad and the Beetle are rivals and have a poison-battle!

The Sorceror’s Beetle

I’m really into doing these little bugs. This is a bigger little bug. I found this vintage German educational ‘Fauna Botanica’ print which served as inspiration:

I did the markings in split stitch, the legs in back stitch and the wing case in satin stitch.

Obviously the call of the silks box meant I had to colour him in more vibrant shades.

Who would win in a fight to the death between these two? Show your allegiance, they are both for sale in my shop now!

Saturday Shop Update

Saturday Shop Update

The Aquarius Beetle, miniature embroidered pendant, £39

As I declared it to be Bug week, this week’s new items are mostly of the many legged variety.

The Saffron Beetle, miniature embroidery pendant, £39

Do you like them? The Saffron Beetle and the Aquarius Beetle. They are travelling beetles,  knowers of things and teller of tales.

There’s also more skulls and bones in the shop this week too. Check it out here

How many rainbows can I make this week?

How many rainbows can I make this week?


Doesn’t sorting out all your threads onto cards and arranging them like an anal retentive make you deliriously happy?

It was a salve to my nerves after the high drama of my shop relaunch this past weekend. I’d ordered a few bags of very fine silk from my fave shop 21st Century Yarns, along with shade cards of all the beautiful hand dyed colours they do, so I was like the proverbial pig.

But now I am officially OPEN I can’t be sitting around winding colours for long, oh no no no.

I call him the Saffron Beetle, after the colour silk he is made of. He was very pleasing to make, with sort of back-stitch cotton spots, and satin-stitch body in silk. I am already making him a friend called the Aquarius Beetle. They are travelling beetles and tell Mother Eagle lots of secrets.

And not much bigger than my pointy finger.