Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bat


34.5cm x 34.5cm (framed). Hand embroidery on cotton.


Read about the creation of this piece here.

Read a blog post about this series here.

Excarnation: whereby the corpse is placed outside to be exposed to the elements and scavenging animals. In the Mongolian practice, I discovered the specific ritual of outlining the body with stones, and when the body has been completely degenerated back into the natural world, completing the eternal circle, the space within the stones has become a sacred space.

Considering this concept and applying it to the world’s most critically endangered species, their habitats have become so rarefied and equally as threatened as to require reverence.

The idea of a negative space as an artistic device representing an extremely special, precious and rare place.

My intention was to create a representation of their home that was both faithful and fantastical. A grave and an afterlife. A place that draws the viewer in to explore, hopefully to delight, and then to ask questions to discover the story of this rare and absent friend.

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