I offer several routes to mastering the embroidery techniques I practice;

Take my Skillshare Class:

My Skillshare class is also a great companion resource to my Textile Art Box embroidery kits:

Plastic packaging free, hand-produced embroidery kits available in 4 designs, free worldwide shipping and charity donations with every purchase.

I also offer one-to-one tuition from a studio space in Worthing in West Sussex. My style is informal and friendly, and I will share my personal approach to textile design and execution, giving you the benefit of my years of self-directed learning, making mistakes and finding out the hard way! You can either hire me by the hour, or choose from one of the classes I offer below.

Not able to travel to me? I also offer embroidery ‘coaching’ via Skype. I can talk through any problems or questions you might have about your project or ideas. 1 hour video calls are £30, paid in advance.

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All classes are customisable, just contact me to discuss your requirements.

*please note – images used here are illustrative only and do not represent what will be produced in class!

Embroidery Art For Beginners

I will teach you the basics about fabric, designing for textile art, transferring your design to fabric, starting and finishing your stitches, and some core surface embroidery techniques. You will come away with a basic toolkit for beginning to apply your own original creativity to embroidery art.

Suitable for complete beginners, or someone with some embroidery experience, who wants to explore their own creativity in stitch.

All equipment will be available to borrow in class, but feel free to bring your own embroidery scissors and seat frame.

4 hours, £150

Contact me to book.


Creativity in Embroidery Art

Suitable for students with some embroidery experience looking to extend their skills or ready to plan their own projects, this class focuses on preparation and will give you the confidence and skills to turn your ideas into original art.

I will cover how to approach relating your design to techniques, making a plan of action and deciding how to practically realise your vision. We will look at choosing and sourcing materials and tools, and options for transferring your design.

Although not essential, students will get the most out of this class if they come prepared with a clear idea, sketch or design of the piece they want to work on, as this will provide the focus of the class.

All equipment will be available to borrow in class, but feel free to bring your own embroidery scissors and seat frame.

4 hours, £170

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Stumpwork for Beginners

The class is suitable for students who have some experience with embroidery and are ready to explore different techniques, or want to start branching out and creating their own designs.

We will cover 3 key techniques to get you into 3-dimensional embroidery: detached slips, detached woven picot and padding, along with how to use surface stitches to tie designs together.

By the end of the class you should have a basic framework of skills that you will be able to continue working on at home. Students can vary a lot in how long it takes to build the dexterity and confidence to master 3D techniques so the focus is on building that confidence and empowering you to complete at home, rather than trying to finish a design within the class.

All equipment will be available to borrow in class, but feel free to bring your own embroidery scissors and seat frame.

4 hours, £195

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Incorporate Goldwork and Embellishment in Design

Due to popular demand!

In the past 2/3 years it is arguable that my pieces combining various elements of beadwork, goldwork, stumpwork and surface embroidery have become my most popular and asked about work. So this class is designed as an introduction to anyone wanting to take a similar ‘non-monostyle’ approach!

This class will introduce basic goldwork and coloured metal thread work and materials, and cover how to use these traditional techniques in a contemporary way using my own work as a reference. It will introduce the various materials used and how to prepare and use them in a design. We will also cover beading and applique, and different ways of attaching found objects and embellishments.

This class is for students who have an idea for a piece they want to produce, or may have started but want to push their creative skill a bit further.

All equipment will be available to borrow in class, but feel free to bring your own embroidery scissors and seat frame.

4 hours, £220

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I honestly don’t think I would have ever learned goldwork if it hadn’t been for Katie. I’m a fairly confident and adventurous stitcher, so normally a combination of Craftsy classes and YouTube tutorials is enough to get me going with any new technique, but the myriad techniques and special materials needed for goldwork was too overwhelming (and I’m two hours away from the nearest needlework classes). Additionally I didn’t have any interest in a kit or sampler or pre-planned class project, so I really needed one-on-one guidance to execute the project I had in mind.

I was already a huge fan of Katie’s artwork on Instagram, so as soon as I learned through her website that she offered classes via Skype, I immediately emailed her. My only concern was that she might be the type of artist who isn’t necessarily well-suited to teaching others, but fortunately, she is that extremely rare combination of visionary artist AND gifted teacher—as well as a friendly and fun person to chat with while stitching!

Katie responded quickly to my initial request, was super enthusiastic about the project I described, made excellent suggestions about materials and pattern design principles to help me achieve what I envisioned, helped me plan the order of work, and provided specific stitch instruction and tips to add extra polish and flair. She was always extremely prompt in calling me at the appointed time, despite the 8 hour difference between our time zones, and responding to my email questions in between Skype sessions.

At the end of 3 hours of instruction, I had completed a huge portion of my piece and felt completely confident to finish it on my own. The piece itself is turning out even better than I hoped or thought I would be capable of, and of course it’s thrilling to have my creative toolkit expanded and enriched. I am already planning my next project to be completed with her expert guidance.

If you want to learn how to incorporate a range of embellishment techniques beyond strictly traditional methods, or want to push the creative boundaries of your embroidery, or don’t live near a goldwork/stumpwork teacher (or near one as talented as Katie), I wholeheartedly recommend working with Katie! She is awesome!!

~ CF, California