I offer one-to-one tuition and mentoring online via Skype or Zoom. My style is informal and friendly, and not limited to textile artists.

As artists and creators engaged in the process of making it can often be a solitary activity. The value of being able to share, discuss and workshop our ideas and projects with fellow experienced professionals is valuable.

I have over 15 years of experience, and for the last three years been a mentor to finalists in the prestigious Hand & Lock Embroidery Competition.

I also have several years teaching experience, both in person and online, and am happy to demonstrate and coach students with any embroidery technique.

Mentees and students can book sessions with me of any length, for £60 per hour, £30 minimum paid in advance.

Contact me to find out more and book.

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You can also take my Skillshare Classes and take advantage of a free month’s trial with this link. This is a great low cost option and supports me even if you don’t take out a subscription after the month trial (although I recommend it!).


I honestly don’t think I would have ever learned goldwork if it hadn’t been for Katie. I’m a fairly confident and adventurous stitcher, so normally a combination of Craftsy classes and YouTube tutorials is enough to get me going with any new technique, but the myriad techniques and special materials needed for goldwork was too overwhelming (and I’m two hours away from the nearest needlework classes). Additionally I didn’t have any interest in a kit or sampler or pre-planned class project, so I really needed one-on-one guidance to execute the project I had in mind.

I was already a huge fan of Katie’s artwork on Instagram, so as soon as I learned through her website that she offered classes via Skype, I immediately emailed her. My only concern was that she might be the type of artist who isn’t necessarily well-suited to teaching others, but fortunately, she is that extremely rare combination of visionary artist AND gifted teacher—as well as a friendly and fun person to chat with while stitching!

Katie responded quickly to my initial request, was super enthusiastic about the project I described, made excellent suggestions about materials and pattern design principles to help me achieve what I envisioned, helped me plan the order of work, and provided specific stitch instruction and tips to add extra polish and flair. She was always extremely prompt in calling me at the appointed time, despite the 8 hour difference between our time zones, and responding to my email questions in between Skype sessions.

At the end of 3 hours of instruction, I had completed a huge portion of my piece and felt completely confident to finish it on my own. The piece itself is turning out even better than I hoped or thought I would be capable of, and of course it’s thrilling to have my creative toolkit expanded and enriched. I am already planning my next project to be completed with her expert guidance.

If you want to learn how to incorporate a range of embellishment techniques beyond strictly traditional methods, or want to push the creative boundaries of your embroidery, or don’t live near a goldwork/stumpwork teacher (or near one as talented as Katie), I wholeheartedly recommend working with Katie! She is awesome!!

~ CF, California