Knitting and Stitching Exhibition 2011 Alexandra Palace

Knitting and Stitching Exhibition 2011 Alexandra Palace


So, last year you know I went to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Exhibition, in the snowy November, and cheerfully spent a fortune?

So a few weeks ago I bunked off work and went skipping off to Alexandra Palace with my mum prepared to part with some, but not as much cash as last year.

Here’s what I bought!:

Actually, apart from buying a couple of fabric pens, I spent all my money at 21st Century Yarns again. I love them. So, lots of beautiful variegated stranded cotton and very fine silks, and a bumper back of 42 squares of space-dyed wool/viscose felt.

What is it about rainbows? Colours just look so good in that order. I carefully avoided the wool (although Colinette Paris could have been my downfall), and spent a third of what I did last time.

Thing is though, I then got inspired by what I bought and *had* to go home and spend another fifty quid on Etsy on hand dyed felted fabrics. Well, it’s all going to come back to me in sales of my fabulous felty things anyway…

I really didn’t have enough time though really. There was tonnes of incredible exhibits that I really wanted to pore over, so I’ve booked to go to the Harrogate one in November again, to really get immersed in the creativity.