New Ways To Learn

Hello, a short update from me today, as always a little late.

Lockdown here in the UK afforded me a short respite from my part time work as a key worker (food shop), and I wanted to complete 2 projects to further develop the teaching side of my art.

The first (late) update is my fifth and newest Textile Art Box – Jungle – bringing you the most foundational technique in stumpwork embroidery, the detached wired slip.

The small and simple kit nevertheless provides you with some beautiful hand dyed fabrics and threads from 21st Century Yarns, wires and full instructions to create some lovely 3 dimensional foliage.

I created this kit inspired by my love of jungles and forests, and is yet another product of my time in Costa Rica at the start of the year. I can proudly say once again this kit is totally and completely plastic free, and the box itself was diverted from landfill, as surplus soap packaging.

This little kit is £22 and as always includes a donation to charity. In this case, £1 will go to Survival International, an amazing organisation that advocates for indigenous rights and seeks to take the colonialism out of conservation.

Here’s my unboxing video!:

I worked out today that since launching my Textile Art Boxes in September 2018, we have raised almost £500 in charitable donations, going to the People’s Trust For Endangered Species, and Survival International.

EDIT: Some bad news! Here in the UK international shipping charges have just shot up, beyond a level I can now absorb. So from Monday I will start charging a subsidised shipping fee. Still lower than cost, but not nothing. So shop this weekend if you want free shipping!

My second lockdown project was to produce my second class on Skillshare.

In the grand scheme of online tutorials, it’s admittedly a bit niche and not that sexy. But this mounting tutorial is something I wish I had had access too, and it’s for anyone who wants to display their textile art work with an alternative to hoop-mounting.

I take you through all the stages to get a good smooth stretched finish if you prefer to display in a square, or want to frame your work.

You can take this and my original class Embellishment in Textile Art: A How To Guide, for FREE with this link . You’ll get 2 months access when you sign up to a free, no commitment, cancel anytime trial. It’s a great time to learn new skills, so you’ll be able to take my classes and any of the other thousands on there.

To be completely transparent, watching my classes pays me a royalty, at no cost to you. So it’s a great way to support me and my work. And I promise – cancelling is really easy.

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