Learn from me for FREE!

Hello friends.

I have some exciting news to share! I’ve just uploaded my first online video class to Skillshare.com

I’ve been working on this project for a few months, and it’s been a lot of work, but I’m pretty happy with the results for my first go – seeing myself on film is not my favourite thing!

My class – Embellishment in Textile Design: A How-To Guide takes you through all the steps and techniques I use when creating my designs and in my fine art practice. It’s over 75 minutes of me sharing my favourite tools and materials to use, giving you a tour of my personal embellishment stash, and demonstrating all the essential techniques, from creating a padded shape, to six ways to use beads and sequins.

Plus there’s a blooper reel at the end. The whole thing is worth it to see my cat, judging my mistakes.

The class is also a perfect companion to my Textile Art Boxes. If you were thinking of buying one, but weren’t sure if you’d have the skills, this video will give you that extra support. Or, if you already have a lot of materials so didn’t want to buy a kit with things you already have, this video offers you a fun project where you can learn some tips and skills to use your own embellishments to their best effect.

Maybe you’re already making embroidery designs, and looking to add something extra – then this is for you too.

But for FREE, you say?

Ok, ok…I know this might be reading like a cheesy ad, I’m trying to avoid that but the truth is, I’ve been a student on Skillshare for a good long while now. Like any membership service I was really sceptical that if I joined, I’d have to jump through rings of fire to cancel if I didn’t like it. But it really is so easy, there are no commitments. I honestly hate hassle so I wouldn’t encourage you to try this if I hadn’t also myself, and really believed in it.

Skillshare is a site with thousands and thousands of premium video tutorials for creatively minded people. Everything from watercolour techniques to Photoshop for beginners. Everyone gets a one month free trial BUT if you sign up with my link, you get 2 months free! There’s a really good app too, and you can download classes to watch offline. I managed about 25 different classes in a month just by using my morning commute, and learnt about composition, creating narrative in drawing, character design and even productivity planning, amongst many others.

Convinced yet? Here’s my personal petition – if you sign up and/or watch my class, then you’ll be supporting me in a real way. I’ll get paid. The more people that just decide to check it out (for free, with no commitment remember), will be helping me get established as a trusted teacher, and helps to support my income. Meaning I can continue to be an artist! Making art! Spreading messages of conservation and wildlife love! And it won’t cost you a penny.

I can’t think of many other ways where your engagement with my work online alone actually puts food on my table. That’s pretty cool.

Let me know what you think! I look forward to seeing you in class.

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