Creativity in Embroidery Art Workshop – January 13th


Join me in January for my next workshop!

Suitable for students with some hand-embroidery experience looking to extend their skills or ready to plan their own projects, this class focuses on preparation and will give you the confidence and skills to turn your ideas into original art. Maybe you have only completed embroidery kits, or other’s designs so far. Or maybe you’ve mastered one technique – like cross stitch – and now want to push out into other techniques. Or maybe you’ve simply got a burning desire to embroider mushrooms and don’t know where to start! This is the class for you.


In this workshop we will examine how I bring an idea through to realisation in stitch, in 4 stages: Conception, development, planning and pattern transfer. In the morning we will begin with group discussion of your ideas and take a look at some of my embroidered art work – from initial sketches to completion. Then we will begin working on drawings and designs and approach relating these to techniques.

After lunch we will examine all the different materials I use in my textile art and how each could be used in your design. We will look at fabric, threads, embellishments and tools, and use the afternoon to develop a stitch plan which will include a good investigation into the various ways of transferring patterns.


Students will get the most out of this class if they come prepared with a clear idea of the piece they want to work on, as this will provide the focus of the day.

Everything you need will be available to use in class but feel free to bring your own sketchbook if you use one, and any reference materials or materials you would wish to use in your embroidery.

As a self-taught artist, ultimately this day is about inspiring confidence in your own abilities to be empowered in your own creativity, and overcome any fears or hesitations you may have.

This 4 hour workshop takes place at SEWMANCE, a community space dedicated to bringing creatives from Brighton and beyond, together to explore.
SEWMANCEhome, The Crypt, St George’s Church, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 IED.

Places are very limited and cost £65 each.

Contact me to book, or book through my Facebook page here.


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