New Collection Afoot!

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I’ve finally got a group of work to show you, hurrahs!

Yes, as you can see, I have a new collection (just the one, haha) of ten pieces, including 8 completely new designs, and 4 brooches. It’s been really nice to look back on this collection and take the photos and do all those old sort-of-familiar things that I have much less time for these days. I feel really good about adding to my website and having more work out there.

This collection was inspired by magical and poisonous plants and I developed my Stumpwork techniques a lot as well as freshening up and upgrading a couple of classic designs. Here are some nice preview pictures of each piece for you:

The All Hallow's Acorn Pendant

The All Hallow's Birch Pin

The All Hallow's Crabapple Pendant

The All Hallow's Ghost Hare Pendant

The All Hallow's Hawthorn Pin

The All Hallow's Henbane Pin

The All Hallow's Mandrake Pendant

The All Hallow's Ribcage Pendant

The All Hallow's Red Stag Pendant

The All Hallow's Willow Pin

The Collection will be available to buy exclusively  from my website and goes on sale on 31st October. Make sure you Like my Facebook page to get more preview pics and info.

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