A New Friend

March hare miniature embroidery pendant

Remember this guy? And his sister?

Blue Hare embroidery

They are both skipping in new pastures now, but I wanted to make another magical Hare sibling:

Arctic white hare

As the ambitious work in progress that is now (laughably) titled ‘Midsummer’ collection segues into a (let’s be honest) annual collection, the prior theme of on-black poisonous miniatures lends itself rather well to my most beloved spirit animals in magical white colourways. Kind of wintery. An Arctic Hare? A Ghost Hare.




These photos are not clear, as ever, but let me tell you I had the devil’s own job of differentiating on the embroidery the (clearly different in the box) different shades of white, cream and ecru that make up this lovely lady. In the end I went over it with an additional darker shade to pick out the key lines, but overall she is a lovely ethereal ghost Hare.


Ghost Hare

One thought on “A New Friend

  1. Hey hon, sorry I’ve not been around, hideous times here, but hopefully through to the other side now! She’s so beautiful, love her “colouring” if that’s the right word.

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