Remember the Moths?


I’ve taken quite the little break from blogging, haven’t I? Not quite a whole month, but nearly. I’ll do my explaining in a mo, but first – the finished and beautifully framed Moth Trio came back from the framers and looks stunning so wanted to share some pics:

moths framed 3

finished moths2

I have to say the UV glass the client requested is very impressive, and makes shooting these images really easy, as virtually no reflection, and a super clear finish. Definitely worth the money to guarantee the longevity of a piece like this.








As always, the specialist framer and finisher Sara Barns who I send my framed commissions to did a flawless job, and happy to say all are most pleased with this finished piece.

So, what else has been happening? Well, we have finally had a real, perceptible change in the season called Summer, which, after last year’s perma-rain has been glorious and understandably sitting in a warm flat in a warm chair doing fine embroidery seems like a poor use of the opportunity. Living at the beach now it’s just too tempting to go and gaze at the sea. Plus working a full-time job is kind of energy-zapping so sucking ice lollies in my underwear with all the windows open has felt as much like hard work as possible lately. That and doing jigsaws, which I’ve rediscovered the pleasures of.

But full disclosure here – I really haven’t felt that inspired to pick up the needle and thread either, and it’s been at the back of my mind, niggling me, as to what future it is that I see for Mother Eagle. It really is very hard to maintain a focused momentum and direction for it when I work full-time, and to be honest, am enjoying all parts of my life more in equality. Also, money has been an issue: relocating and starting a new job after a period of unemployment is an expensive thing and so it still doesn’t feel like we’ve properly settled into a domestic routine yet – we’ve only been here 5 and a bit months.

This doesn’t mean I am giving up. It just means that after the Moths project finished and I had no demand for work, I have enjoyed a bit of time off, and not beaten myself up for not continually churning out the work (for a change). However, I have taken advantage of little flashes of motivation and started a new design which I will blog about soon, and get my jewellery collection back on track. I also know when the weather turns again to Autumn I usually feel very inspired so…all things flow.

2 thoughts on “Remember the Moths?

  1. The moth are beautiful. Really, really gorgeous work.

    Sometimes when life is full of upheaval, a break to fill the well is necessary. I look forward to seeing what your next project is–whenever. :)

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