What next?


So. What next. Being that we have recently had the astrological events of summer solstice (in the northern hemisphere) and a Super Moon, I thought at this mid point it would be good to take stock of where I am so far this year – Mother Eagle speaking.

It’s been nice now that the weather here is warm, to be ‘free’ of any embroidery commitments, and be able to do other things, projects, pottering around the house etc. But I have to say I have missed the focus that embroidery gives me and also quite relieved to find that I still feel this way!

Well, obviously prior to my last commission I was stitching away on my next collection, the (in hindsight) ambitiously dubbed Midsummer 2013 collection of 13 pieces. Thus far I have completed:

  • Oak (an acorn pendant)

  • Birch (brooch)

  • Crabapple (Pendant)

  • Mandrake (Pendant)

  • Hawthorn (brooch)

  • Henbane (brooch)

  • Willow (Brooch), and

  • started a Foxglove (was gonna be a Pendant but I did it too big so now will be a miniature framed piece – and I need to finish it)

I also promised to do:

  • Bee (Pendant)

  • Raven (Brooch)

  • Toad (Remake of the Pendant)

  • Stag (Remake of the Pendant)

  • Skeleton Hand (Pendant)

Considering we relocated, moved house, got new jobs etc etc. I guess it’s not too bad that I have done 7* pieces and a large commission so far. But I have to think: Am I really going to complete these 5 more pieces AND then get a winter collection of another 13 pieces in before christmas? 

Here’s what I wanted to do in the Winter collection:

  • Mistletoe (Pendant)

  • Holly (Brooch)

  • Ivy (Pendant)

  • Pine (cone – Pendant)

  • Arctic Hare (Re-do Pendant)

  • White Stag (Re-do Pendant)

  • Hedgehog (Brooch)

  • Yew (Pendant)

  • Femur (Brooch)

  • Ribcage (Remake of the Pendant)* already done this one

  • Elder (Brooch)

  • Mugwort (Pendant)

  • Deadly Nightshade (Pendant)

On the one hand at the moment I feel like I want to do familiar reworkings of old designs, but also I want to make sure I have some seasonal things ready for Christmas. I also feel a bit bored by stumpwork at the moment and want to do some flat work, focusing on the technique and the shape. So that’s what I’ll do: A Hare, a Stag, probably a Toad too. I also really want to do more wildlife again – Hedgehog and Badger appeal considering they are so threatened in Britain now.

It’s so luxurious to be able to have complete creative freedom and recognise what a gift that is.

I also just want to tell you that until the end of July you can get 20% off selected pieces exclusively in my NotonTheHighStreet shop. The March Hare and the Amethyst pendant have already sold out so make sure you have a look!

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