Embroidery completed!


I realise I’ve been playing fast and loose with the word ‘triptych’ in relation to this piece. It’s not really a triptych is it? it’s a trio, a trilogy. Whatevs, it’s finished!








elephant moth

It’s interesting that I thought this final Elephant Hawkmoth might not be as cool as the others with no ‘special’ techniques – just split stitch and satin stitch. But I like it the best. The colours are so beautiful together, the patterns, and the way these simple stitches have describes the matte and furriness of the wings and body. And it was the quickest!


It’s now with my framing lady and will be a few weeks before I see it again, all ready for my client.

Now I will draw breath, take stock and think about what my next pieces will be, and if I will finish the bloody Foxglove miniature stumpwork I started or not.

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