The Spanish Moon Rises…


So now I must attempt this lovely lady…Graellsia isabellae – The Spanish Moon Moth. Here’s what’s happened so far:



It’s funny when you first look at a a picture of a thing and think ‘yea, I can see all the colours and shapes really well, this is gonna be easy’ and then you start actually doing it and find yourself staring at a tiny part and pondering for ages as to what colour that actually is, and what texture, and is that really the colour or is it just how it looks in that picture, so look at another picture, and compare the two, and think, WHAT COLOUR IS THAT?


So here’s where I’m up to and I’m not LOVING it so far. But I know myself and often it’s not until the very last bit that I find I love it loads. Doing all this fine detail is really the mapping out, the foundations. Obvs it looks nothing like her at the mo but when that green silk goes on…

3 thoughts on “The Spanish Moon Rises…

  1. Your work is so fine, delicate and lovely. What great talent you have…along with the eye for details and the hours of hard work, you create such beauty.

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