Completed Atlas Moth Embroidery

Hand embroidered atlas moth is silk

He’s finished! Remind me how tedious MILLIONS of French knots are to do next time yeah? No seriously, I’m really pleased. It was/is my intention with this piece that the embroidery accurately represents the moths in terms of pattern and shape etc, and it’s interesting to me that this has become such a textural study. My beautiful hand dyed variegated silks really came into their own on this piece and allowed me to capture the different tones of the wings in an organic way.

Atlas Moth

Comparing it to the original image I took my pattern from, I can see I’ve made mine quite a bit darker, richer in colour. Is it still an authentic Atlas? I’ll let you leave your comments on that one…Here’s the rest of the  final stages:







Hand embroidered atlas moth is silk

Next – The Spanish Moon Moth:



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