Atlas Moth – Last Week’s Progress

atlas moth work in progress


I’m writing this post in a slight rush to get out the door for work but as I’m off tomorrow and will be doing more embroidery I didn’t want too much time to elapse before I shared more WIP pics!


As you can see, as usual I am building this design up in stages, finer detail and blocking lines first. This has a dual purpose too, of giving me a line to anchor later satin stitch work to.




At this point I switched from split stitch to french knots as the wing here is actually made of lots of different shades of grey – a bit like TV static and I couldn’t represent that pixelly effect better than with french knots.




Then the fun starts! Big sections of satin stitch in variegated silk which really fills out the wing and starts to give a sense of the finished piece.

atlas moth work in progress


What do you think so far?

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