Phase 1: Atlas Moth

Atlas Moth embroidery

As always, the foundation of a piece like this is all. So this will be a relatively dry post full of boring preparation shots. But, y’know. This stuff matters.

planning 1

First of all, I knew how big the finished, framed size had to be, so I plotted this out on some brown paper, then added in the frame and mount sizes to give the aperture – the embroiderable (?) size.


Then I laid out the individual moth patterns I made to get an idea of how they would fit on the piece. I will be embroidering the latin names of the moths eventually so needed to make sure there was a good space for that.


Satisfied, I placed the brown paper on my fabric and marked it to  cut around so I have enough waste fabric for my framer to stretch it properly. My fabric is nice soft vintage cotton sheeting.


Using these marks as a guide, I printed my pattern on to the fabric. This is the moment of no return!


Finally, I decided to use my roller frame for this one, due to its linear design. As well as stitching the fabric to the frame on each roller, I also lashed it to the vertical bars with linen string to get a more taut ground.



Starting with the central Atlas Moth I drew on in air-erasable pen some of the detail.


Colour palette! There’s silk, cotton and wool in here.


I feel like these moths will take shape out of split stitch, satin stitch, french knots, some turkey rug, some back stitch…allsorts. This is all silk so far.


One thought on “Phase 1: Atlas Moth

  1. Looking beautiful so far, very excited to see how this one comes on, I love moths, weird as butterflies are just pretty and okay, bit too girlie for me but moths are sexy! Hope your well, hugs.

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