Making the Mandrake

stumpwork mandrake pendant

I had fun making this little chap. I knew instantly exactly how I wanted to create it. I was going to blog this in two goes but life is crazy at the moment so it’s a one hit wonder.

fine jewellery wire

I bought some special silver plated copper wire. It’s 0.2mm thick and to be honest probably slightly too thin to be flexible yet firm enough to be controlled easily. But the stuff I had already was too thick and I ended up with this:

wire doll

Just a bit too chunky.

wire mandrake

So I made this little wire mandrake frame and then wrapped him with crewel wool.


This was a lot harder than you’d think.

mandrake doll

The genius thing though is even if it looks kinda messy and fuzzy, it just adds to the authenticity of the mandrake root man.

mandrake stumpwork

I then attached the root to the ground fabric with more crewel wool through the little holes still visible in the wire arms and legs.

mandrake wool and silk

I then chose Forest hand dyed variegated silk and began to create the Mandrake’s sprouting leaves. I used detached woven picots to create these:

detached woven picot

mandrake leaves

detached woven picot stumpwork


mandrake stumpwork embroidery

Considering the overall composition I felt like it lacked something, so as this is the first truly poisonous plant I added a little something:

mandrake with little skull

I think the skull gives it a sort of medieval grimoire touch.

mandrake pendant

Definitely a conversation starter.


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