From Little Acorns – Part 2

acorn and oak leaf embroidery

I’m really sorry; sometimes I get a bit carried away when I’m sewing something and I forget to do more step by step pics. Oh well. So if you’ll remember I was feeling a bit ‘blobby’ about the acorn in it’s solo state and felt like i had just enough space to add an Oak leaf sitting behind it. It’s not how I usually plan designs – to have these kind of big changes at the late stages but that’s the evolution of design I guess. It’s kind of nice.

stumpwork hand embroidered acorn and oak leaf in silk

Do you know of all the stitches I find the one most difficult to do is satin stitch? Weird I know. I always find it’s so tricky to make sure all the stitches are laid in the same angle and look smooth etc. Anyways. So what I did was drew the leaf shape on to the fabric freehand, then starting at the root of the leaf I satin stitched in variegated silk each side. Then I added a lighter shade in back stitch to show the veins, and finally tidied it up with an outline of back stitch.


stumpwork silk acorn and oak leaf pendant

I actually love this now. It looks so rustic and the wooden frame is perfect for it.


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