One-Handed Embroidery

Death's Head Hawkmoth

Obviously having a broken wrist WILL NOT DETER ME in my obsessive pursuit of needle arts. Whilst the swans were in progress, I was commissioned by a brilliant friend to make a brooch for her. A moth. She said if it could have a skull on the back that would be cool. I said it can’t not have a skull on the back, so this cheerful-in-a-harbinger-of-death-type-way fellow was begun.


moth pattern

It’s a nice simple shape with lots of potential for complex colours and textures.

moth death head

I drew on some extra pattern guide lines freehand with a dressmaker’s pencil.

death's head hawk moth

I was using a combination of DMC cotton and hand dyed embroidery cotton. Satin stitch in the base then over laying the threads and weaving and couching over the top to suggest the soft cells of a moth wing.

death's head

I’m planning some fluffy turkey rug work for the head to give mothy fuzziness.

6 thoughts on “One-Handed Embroidery

    1. When you say it like that I do sound like some kind of textile art hero! The reality is I have almost fully wiggling fingers, it’s not that bad if I only stitch for an hour at a time. But you can still think I’m a hero if you like ;)

  1. there’s no stopping Mother Eagle, it’s probably great physio anyway, will stop you left hand locking up hopefully. Beautiful work as ever, your eye for colour and detail is amazing, very envious of your skill and the recipient

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