VIP Commission: This weekend’s work


I am very very pleased with this.

I used spun silk in satin stitch on the tail, back to cotton on the under wing. The large wing gave me design problems as I couldn’t initially decide on the best way to complete it, but then inspiration struck from the art-deco style and I created overlapping arcs in two tones in split stitch. You might be able to see that if you view the pics enlarged.

The face is split stitched. I totally got a reward when I put the face in and suddenly there he was, a proper swan.

Now…do it again!

6 thoughts on “VIP Commission: This weekend’s work

  1. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a talented artist who happens to be my friend creating a beautiful, bespoke piece of art especially for me. To see it progress and take shape is really adding to the experience of this for me as the (VIP – so sweet!) client and I shall be keeping all of the posts forever.

    I can’t wait to hang it in pride of place and behold it’s beauty with a glass of champagne and my lovely Jinx!

    What a lucky girl I am….


  2. This is looking amazing my dear! You have every right to be proud of it! Also thanks so much for your tweet messages from the K&S show, for five mins I got to feel like I was there. Shame to have missed you, but hopefully our paths will cross in the new year! x

  3. You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the swan is magical and amazing and beautiful. I am quite lost for words.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpixiemum

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