Just a little something…

As it’s the BEST month, and I had this lovely hand dyed silk, I made a quick and spontaneous little pattern, and made this seasonal lovely:


So very simple, I used this lovely thread to satin stitch the plump pumpkin in sections, which really shows off the different colours. It’s a brownier colour than a traditional Jack O’ Lantern colour but I think this makes it less cartoony and more sophisticated.

I then made an extra long bullion knot in olive green silk, and realised too late that this would have been a great one for a woven picot leaf! But I hadn’t left enough space to fit in the pendant setting.

I used variegated cotton for a few french knots at the base. I surprised myself by using a fresh Sharps needle for this and made me realise how I need to change needles more often – it made such a difference.

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