Second Skull Re-Do

So as with the 3/4’s Skull, let’s do a little compare and contrast…That’s the new version, and here’s the original prototype:

The differences = single strand instead of 2-ply cotton, same colour palette, but honestly the curves of the stitches this time are much better. Very pleased with this re-do.Here’s the step-by-step:

You can see I’m still having a little trouble with my transfer bleeding on this finer fabric.

I took more care to make sure the eyes were squarish, and the cheekbone contouring too.

Not a very good pic (aren’t they all) but showing you the scale really.

Outlined it in mid-grey back-stitch and did the teeth before the eye sockets and nose.

There you are! Took a good couple of hours longer than the original I think.

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