Evil Eye

I think the most motivating thing about the Eyes for me is getting to choose the colours. For this remake I decided to use silk instead of cotton.

In fact the black and white of the eye is still single strand cotton, but then I chose variegated Heather fine silk for the iris. I’ve also made the eye itself a bit larger and planned the composition slightly differently.

The fabric is a finer cotton than previously (still dyed in tea) because this will be a part of a new trio of birch-framed All Seeing Eye pendants, each slightly different. The fabric needs to be fine to sandwich in the wooden frames. So that’s why. The outline and white is again split stitch, the iris satin stitch, and I have been less heavy handed than with the original Eye design.

So here I’ve started to use the Aquarius variegated silk, but taking the rays right to the eye itself, rather than leaving the white space. Basically by making the eye bigger, I didn’t want to scrimp on the colourfulness of the overall composition. Used back stitch to draw in the lines first freehand, then satin stitched them in. I pretty much use a gold sharps needle at all times btw.

As you can see, the rays start to obscure some of the lines of the eye. I don’t mind this too much because I will be overstitching the lashes at the end.

Here’s the finished piece before the lashes go on, and now you can really see the small scale with my thumb in the shot:

I’ve also gone over the top black line (the eye lid crease) to give more definition. I’m very pleased with it in silk, the lovely shininess and the way that having the rays up to the eye suggest it’s power and give more impact to the piece on the whole.

It’s very satisfying to me to remake old designs applying improved skills and techniques that experience teaches me. For a little while I will be doing similar projects, all the while creating New designs in my head for the Mid Winter Collection.

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