Old Favourites and New Twists

I’m so excited about all the new product development I’ve been doing. Some new things and some tweaking of old things.

First, here’s the new: New custom birch frames for embroidered jewellery.

And I celebrated with setting the three new Poisonous Toadstools into them.

I rubbed natural soft wax polish into the wood, and they’ve been finished with antique bronze fittings. The chain is fabulous – all the links soldered, a really beautiful quality. The bails too, heavy and sturdy and lovely. You’ll have to take my word for it for now, the pics don’t show it. Here’s me modelling:

I am just SO pleased with them. They are so lovely and solid but also really light to wear and feel really special. So then I had to get to making some more embroideries for a new collection. I returned to the classics: This guy had sold in my Etsy shop:

Limited Edition Human Skull Pendant, on 25″ Silver plated chain

And I wanted to make some improvements anyway.

I used a finer fabric (still rocking the bed linen for that), a single strand of cotton rather than 2 ply, and a lighter, more balanced and subtle colour pallette.

The whole way through I was all like ‘oh I don’t think he’s gonna turn out any good’ and it took me all day to complete him, but in the end I am really pleased actually.

He will be the first of a trio of skulls going in the new wood frames. What do you think so far?

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