On My Bookshelf…The Patchwork Cat

A lot of my books are classics, but it’s great to share one that isn’t so well known. This one combines CATS with TEXTILES!

As usual this is/was a fave bedtime story, from 1981. It tells the story of a cat called Tabby.

The illustrations are gorgeous. Soft and delicate yet incredibly detailed. This person loves cats for sure. And Tabby kind of looks like my Bengals Tulu/Mi-Go. In it we learn how Tabby loves her life and LOVES her patchwork quilt.

And loves the Milkman (hope that’s special Cat milk he’s giving her).

The mum in the story takes he patchwork quilt away because it’s dirty and bins in. Fool. Tabby says “I think I should send this family away, I shall have the milkman here to lodge instead.” RESPECT YOUR CAT OVERLORDS.

Unfortunately she goes to retrieve said quilt from the bin and gets trapped.

Poor Tabby has to find her way back home from the dump with her quilt.

Hooray for the milkman!

Tabby is home now and the mother washes the quilt. She could have done that in the first place. ‘Tabby says, “I’ll be tired soon, so wash it now”‘. Foolish mother obeys.

How good is that?

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