Poisonous Trio #3

This final Toadstool I am the most happy with, especially as I tried a new stitch out on it and pulled it off.  This one is Amanita phalloides – Death Cap.

So far so same-as, but I decided to give myself a break and quit the bullion knots here as A – the shape of the mushroom means less of the fins are visible so it would be difficult, and B – I JUST DON’T WANT TO DO ANYMORE. So I used a darker colour and satin stitched it. Then I started with the new stitch – Turkey Rug.

So it’s a series of loops knotted in closely together, and when you’re doing it it looks like a mess. But then you fill the space and cut the loops so they’re tufts instead:

Then you get to stylin’.

I trimmed them down quite a bit, now they’re lovely and fluffy and fuzzy. The padded slip had a bit of artistic license with it since I know of no Death Cap with hot orange and coral spots, but hey ho.

Finishing french knots. Next – I will mount them up.

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