Update…part 2

Welcome to the new look Mother Eagle! Ive been working really hard getting the beautiful new logo (why the change?) into all the different formats – Facebook, Twitter, Etsy etc. plus getting new business cards and marketing materials sorted…

And creating new packaging! Now as standard on all jewellery! Includes a recycled brown card box (stamped with the Mother Eagle insignia) with cotton batting, black recycled tissue paper sealing your jewellery with a Mother Eagle vinyl logo sticker, then wrapped with Mother Eagle paper and tied with black satin ribbon. All purchases still include the classic logo temporary tattoo!

With all these changes I took the time to review my shipping policy too. Now that the pieces are becoming more intricate and also because I’m now selling framed art, I can no longer be as generous with the free shipping. This is simply because the work I am selling is basically one of a kind. Yes I can always replicate a design, but the beauty of buying truly hand made art is it really is one of a kind. Also as my ‘samples’ sell out pieces are becoming purely Made-To-Order. For that reason I would be devastated if one of my pieces was to be lost in the post, and if it cost more than £46 then it’s not insured. So for that reason, from now on all items over £50 will be sent Special Delivery, for everyone’s peace of mind. I have been criticised in the past for shipping with a signature-required service, (“it’s a hassle having to be in/collect from Post Office”) but as one wise person told me recently, if they can’t be arsed to do that then they can’t really care that much about the jewellery they’re buying.

But items under £50 will still be free shipping!

I hope you like the new look.

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