What I’ve been up to.

Hello friends. I know I’ve not been blogging with as much regularity the last couple of weeks. So I thought I would update you with what’s been happening behind the scenes:


I had a logo, a logo I was quite attached to, and one that I designed. Here is the picture of the original drawing I did (I told you I’m not much of a drawer):

Then my lovely husband who has more patience with graphic design than me (BE PERFECT STRAIGHT AWAY) smartened it up for me into the classic tattoo style heart you know me by. But although I have been very attached to this little logo, I did design it back in 2006/7 when Mother Eagle first hatched, and the jewellery I was making then, as well as the idea behind the brand identity was very different. Completely different in fact – nowhere did embroidery feature whatsover. So I recognised it was time for an overhaul, I wanted something that would encapsulate the Mother Eagle of today. I needed help. I called these guys:

I’m gonna assume you get why their style would appeal. Here’s what they came up with for me:

So obviously a lot of behind the scenes industry commenced with changing Gravatars and banners and what not. And all the fun (not) of designing new business cards and logo stickers. And getting carried away and ordering lots of address labels and postcards too.

New products. 

I’ve been looking around for ages for an alternative way to mount my miniature embroideries for jewellery. The metal ones have been great, and a fantastic discovery to get Mother Eagle jewellery off the ground. One of the major down-sides though is that they are only available from the States, seemingly from just one person, and I also found the quality of the finish can vary. Plus being only plated brass they don’t quite match the quality of the hand work.

 These are custom-made, laser cut, sustainable birch wood shapes cut to be mini embroidery frames . They are amazing in real life.The bit in the middle pops out and the fabric wraps around it. I have had a back piece made too so when it’s all assembled you woun’t see any tatty edges. Plus it SMELLS LIKE BONFIRE. Being custom made I can also have whatever shape I like of course so this opens up infinite possibilities…bigger embroidered jewellery…large embroidered panels…CROWNS! No not really crowns.

I also wanted to change the hardware on the jewellery too, so have opted for a gorgeous antique bronze belcher chain and lobster clasp, and lovely tear-drop bail. They are really solid and all the links are soldered so really top quality.

I also got a pyrography pen. So now I can decorate the frames with wood burning and even sign and number the reverse of the jewellery, making each one even more unique.


I’ve been upgrading the packaging. I will post pics soon as I get all my new business cards etc, but every piece of jewellery now comes boxed, double gift wrapped with tissue and ribbon, and all the usual goodies like temporary tattoo etc are included.

My own Mother Eagle website.

As you know my shop is on Etsy at the moment, and has been for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love Etsy, but as Mother Eagle has evolved I feel more and more like I want more control over the online experience of my customers, and as Mother Eagle becomes more and more visual and the story becomes more engrained in my work, well, the cookie cutter shops on Etsy just isn’t something I want to include in my plans for  world domination (disclaimer: I have no such plans).

So the other thing I have been spending my time on is building a new e-commerce shopping site where I can really reflect everything I do in a more whole way, encorporating both this blog and the shop. This will take a while. So I have been trying my best to keep the plates all spinning while this stuff has been going on in the background. I never did like being a plate spinner much. So I missed a couple blogging deadlines. And I know you’re used to seeing me churn out new projects week on week. This will resume.


Just life.

So that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet compared to my normal regularity. For now blogging regularly is slightly kicking my ass so I am doing my best. I am starting a new collection of Toadstool jewellery this weekend so will share my work in progress pictures with you soon.

Finally, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone reading this blog for continuing to do so, and for supporting me and Mother Eagle. All your lovely comments and things really mean a lot. So if you head to my Facebook page you will see a special extra 5% discount code off sale items until August 31st!

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