Precious Stones, Precious Silks

If you follow me on facebook, you’ll know that last bank holiday weekend I had a flurry of uber-productivity, but also that I watched Lord of The Rings for the umpteenth time. Inspiration struck, and I had this little muse to create some ‘Stones of Power’ as I named them.

I find inspiration in my box of silks a lot these days. I just love colour. And doing these little geometric studies is something different for me – all straight lines and angles.

They obviously lend themselves beautifully to both satin stitch, and jewellery pieces, and of course I get to use my most vibrant and luscious silks. So there’s the Amethyst, then I have the Ruby:

Finished off with a little back-stitch outline:

I think this one was the most challenging – a lot of facets and trying to get them all equal. I also wanted to get the direction of the stitches going in different directions so it would enhance the look of light reflecting off them. Finally I made a Sapphire:

This was a nice one to do. I was back onto my heavier vintage cotton this time and pleased to say no tension issues! Also the added benefit of this being a coarser weave with these particular pieces is that I can more easily use the weave to place my needle on an accurate straight line.

I really like them, and really enjoyed making them. It’s nice to do something different and they have a modern, slightly abstract quality which is totally different for me. What do you think?

Come back at the end of the week to see these all go live in my shop.

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