Bone Disaster!

So it turns out not all vintage 1950s cotton pillowcases are created equal when it comes to upcycling them for embroidery fabric. There I was happily working through my latest batch of new designs I had transferred to my roller frame. Couple days later… it appears this permanent iron-on transfer pen is fading.

But my chair is right in front of the window and we have just had our 4 days of summer, so maybe I thought, I have been lax in covering up my work and have myself to blame for the sun bleaching.

That would be a fair assessment had I not then rolled the rest of the fabric down and seen all the other, covered up designs, faded away too. Not just faded, bleeding, and even imprinted on to the covering fabric.

My guess? 60-odd years of greasy heads on this particularly fine pillowcase has imprinted it with oil, despite being Lenor-fresh. Nice.

But dear reader, that is not the disaster of this story. Here is the lovely little Human Femur 2.0 I just completed in single stranded split stitch:

When I took it off the roller, what did I find?

UNEVEN TENSION! Shock horror. Maybe once I put it into it’s tightly fitting little brooch mount it will be ok?

Nope. Puckered.

Seems the heavy and robust cotton I was using before can withstand being attached to the frame at just vertical ends, this one is just too refined.

Thank the embroidery Gods for big mercies, but in case you’re wondering, the Hare is ok. Once mounted he looks perfect.

What to do?

5 thoughts on “Bone Disaster!

  1. i Dont think I’ve ever done instruction for it on the blog, but if you ever had to stretch canvas or paper for a level art its pretty much the same thing – wash the piece then pin it to a board whilst wet and leave it to dry completely – it will stay the shape you stretch it into.

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