How many rainbows can I make this week?


Doesn’t sorting out all your threads onto cards and arranging them like an anal retentive make you deliriously happy?

It was a salve to my nerves after the high drama of my shop relaunch this past weekend. I’d ordered a few bags of very fine silk from my fave shop 21st Century Yarns, along with shade cards of all the beautiful hand dyed colours they do, so I was like the proverbial pig.

But now I am officially OPEN I can’t be sitting around winding colours for long, oh no no no.

I call him the Saffron Beetle, after the colour silk he is made of. He was very pleasing to make, with sort of back-stitch cotton spots, and satin-stitch body in silk. I am already making him a friend called the Aquarius Beetle. They are travelling beetles and tell Mother Eagle lots of secrets.

And not much bigger than my pointy finger.

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