Of Deer and Horned Gods…


I experimented wth using crewel wool for this stag head motif, still using split stitch. I have to say I was suprised how much more difficult it was to work – although thinking about it, it is fairly obvious that the smooth silk would be better behaved than the scratchy, fluffy, wirey wool. But it does give a more rustic, vintage type feel to it which is nice for a change.

I also did this little leaping deer in silk, which is quite sweet. I’ll show you tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Of Deer and Horned Gods…

  1. he’s cute. I use crewel on tweed for my handbag embroidery, it lacks the depth and sophistication of silk split stitch, but it has its own subtleties once you get used to it. what brand crewel did you use?

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