More new designs…

It’s been another stitchathon weekend, just the way I like it. I certainly feel like I’m getting into my stride in the last couple of weeks; I think it’s the springtime energy. I posted a tease of the latest miniature I’m developing for the jewellery collection, and now I can reveal him in all his glory:

I gotta say, I am in love. He turned out so well. I’m so into this split stitch filling technique at the moment. Again I used some of my very fine silk, but these colours have a more subtle varigation, and I used 6 shades here: an orangey red, medium and paler orange for the body, a more purpley shade for the underside, a burgundy for his suckers and a dark aubergine for his eye.

This is a lovely thread to work in – fine enough to give detail, but thick enough to split evenly. I do find I am turning my needle at every stitch to keep the twist at the base from unravelling, but as you can see, I can get a lot of movement and dimension in this little fella. And he is little:

He took 3.5 hours to complete. I will be mounting him in a golden brooch pin and he will be available to buy…


3 thoughts on “More new designs…

  1. 3 and a half hours, there must have been steam coming from your needle! He’s gorgeous, love the colours. Would love to see something in purples, being my fav colour hint hint :)

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