In which I master the bullion knot

This stitch was a little fucker. I’ve spoken before about my disgusting lack of patience with difficult things, and it was only out of sheer bloody mindedness that I knew this piece would be lacking with out the perfect texture for mushroom fins, that I persevered.

I had a piece of waste canvas hooped up to practice before I did them proper in the toadstool. I was using 2 strands of Anchor cotton, and a Milliners No 10 needle.

I actually have a whole book dedicated to this stitch and little embroidered motifs stitched in it, as well as the technique described in 2 of my new Royal School books. So I was trying it in several ways. In this book:

It recommends using no hoop, as it is a scooping stitch rather than a stabbing stitch, so I tried it on a piece of overhanging fabric I had on my practice hoop. Result: crappy stringy ratty mess.

Then I tried it the same way but in the hoop. Result: crappy stringy ratty mess.

Then I tried it the RSC way, in the hoop. Result: crappy stringy ratty mess.

Then I got upset and threw a tantrum.

Then I tried again and I don’t know what I did but I did it.

I created my loop across the shape, then brought my needle back almost all the way through the first point, creating a vertical pole to which to wrap my coils. Because I followed the advice about using the Milliners needle, as recommended in the Bullions book, I had a nice long surface to get these long knots on comfortably, and an eye that doesn’t widen to pull through. Initially I had a problem with too much tension and not being able to pull the needle through, and I think a needle grip would be helpful if I was using this stitch again, as you do need a firm grip.

In your FACE Bullion knot! I am your MASTER! *maniacal laughter*

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