First day

I can’t remember where I read it recently but it was about genii and how they are mischevious and trapped in the lamp because of this. When you get them out they are so relieved they grant you three wishes but always find a loophole which allows them to cause more naughtiness. So, in this version, the farmer says ‘I never want to work again!’ and the genii removes his legs. That sort of thing. Careful what you wish for.

Today was my first day *officially* working on Mother Eagle.

Tougher day than I thought. Gonna have to get really good at being disciplined about what I need to achieve. I feel like this time I have carved out for myself is so precious and I don’t want to waste a second. Not that I haven’t done a thing all day that hasn’t been Eagle-related, it’s just that there’s so much you can get wrapped up in and suddenly an hour has gone and your ‘to do’ list is still no further forward.

Here’s what I did get done:

Set up my workspace.

Set up my inspiration board. And stuck up my pod-washing line!

I also experimented with taking photos of my latest makes, found some free photo editing programmes to polish up my crap photography skills, joined a couple of Etsy teams, and tried to understand what tumblr is and should I have one (should I?)

I also listened to a lot of Nicki Minaj, stared out the window a lot, and got quite cross and feeling like I am not being productive with my scattergun approach to working. I always thought discipline is something I was quite good at but it looks like I need to get better. I then got dismayed at the still zero sales in my shop and the fact that I haven’t done any fine embroidery work for ages too. AND need to blog.

So, this isn’t so much a roundabout way of saying ‘careful what you wish for’ – I am SO happy to be in the position I find myself today (especially as I have a technicolour throat infection ad LOVING the fact I’ve been able to sip hot tea and gargle thyme oil all day) – more that, like all the best gifts in life, it will take a heap of commitment to master my new lifestyle I think.

Not TOO tenuous a link to Aladin is it?

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