Fly Agaric

This was a learning process project. I hadn’t done most of the stitches before having really focused on cross-stitch work, so I wanted to teach myself more freestyle techniques – satin stitch, french knots, spider-web stitch, seed stitch. I intend it to be the first of a series of poisonous mushroom ‘samplers’.

I could accept the argument that the skull is unnecessary – but I can’t resist the nod to old Victorian poison bottle labels. I am me, after all.

You can read more about the process of this piece here and here.

6 thoughts on “Fly Agaric

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  2. wow Katie, I knew this one was going to be good but it’s beyond good. It’s a fantastic piece is so much more than a learning piece, it’s a great piece in it’s own right and really shows your talent

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