Knitting and Stitching Exhibition, Harrogate

So last Sunday I braved the frozen wastes of Leeds and Yorkshire, crawled from my bed and dragged my carcass to Harrogate for the Knitting and Stitching Exhibition. It was absolutely freezing. I genuinely don’t think I have ever been as cold. By the time I got to the train station I was physically shaking. Seriously considered turning round and going home. And I needed a wee.

But I’m very glad I didn’t turn back like the southern wimp I am. I had an absolutely wicked day. Totally nourishing for my soul. I completely overindulged myself so much I virtually had fluff coming out of my nose.

Definitely some highlights for me; I felt quite emotional at some of the work displayed predictably from the Royal School and the Embroiderers Guild, because it was just so amazing for me to see such incredible work so close up.

Also met and had a great little chat with artist Suzy Vickery. Her work was exquisite and we shared in the fandom of Mr X Stitch, the calling card of all the “most interesting people”!

And so to the shopping. Well, I spent double my absolute top budget. It wasn’t so much ‘kid in a sweetshop’ as ‘crack addicted junkie’. I actually had an adrenalin rush when I first got in and knew I was in a total mess when I’d spent my budget on the first 2 stalls. Every stall after that I was thinking “no, that’s definitely it now”, then another £7, £10, £16, £25 kept disappearing. I did have a plan to do a recce of all four halls to see what I wanted to go back to but then my competitive instinct hit and I was consumed by fear that if I didn’t get what looked like the last skein of this in this colour then one of these bespectacled cardigans would…total drama queen.

But, some of the lovely things are for my mum for xmas (can you hear the self justification?). Bought a lot more wool than I expected to. I realised I am totally drawn to vibrant colour and textures and mostly greens, corals, and Autumn tones.  Well it’s only once a year.

Now check out my haul!

The state of my living room floor when I tipped out my shopping bag. Thrilling!

Texture bag called ‘Autumn’ from 21st Century Yarns

Another one. This one’s called ‘marble’.

*Ahem* And another one.

Some fabulous silk and rayon hand and space-dyed threads from Oliver Twist.

More ‘one-offs’ from Oliver Twist.

Some very fine silk from 21st Century again.

Drool. Some japanese silk and silk-mohair from Habu Textiles.

Some undyed animal threads. I know EXACTLY what I’m gonna use them for :)

And now the wool

Hand dyed merino, alpaca and silk blend. 

Pure merino. Isn’t this just like Autumn leaves made wool?

My new fave Schoppelwolle. And my last and possibly most exciting buy of the day:

I mean look at it!!

It’s like the Hungry Caterpillar! Gorgeous Colinette yarn. Ooo I can see all the evenings of my life stretching out in front me. Many a nice cushion among them.


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